Yes. Congratulations, Marica.
Good wishes for your career, as well.

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Marcia, Bravo!!!

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One of the fun things to do on this list is to hand out kudos for a
job well done.  Now its my turn to do this.

The list's own Marcia Karp, well known for getting right to the point with
a simple question, has completed her course of study and her dissertation
and all the rest and may now be referred to Dr. Karp (in the U.K. as Dr
Karp.)  Remember that in case you forget how to spell Marcia.

Marcia got her degree in Literary History from Boston University,
where she and Christopher Ricks formed a mutual fan club.  Her
dissertation is entitled _In Order: To Read A Poem_.  The colon in the
title must be important because a description of the dissertation includes
"A history of the book from scroll to codex; punctuation and other written
conventions and apparatus that help writers, readers, and editors to order
books;" (someday she may let me in on the secret of the comma.)  The
of underscores in email messages may be the subject of a future appendix.

Please send all your job offers directly to Dr Karp (seriously, do that.)
It may be fair game to send a few more congratulatory remarks to the list

Good luck with your future career Marcia.