From: Rickard A Parker [mailto:[log in to unmask]]

The name P.H. Wicksteed pops up in a number of places including some now
lost webpages of essays written by Pat Sloane.  Then H. Oelsner shows up
sometimes and T. Okey even less.  The name Wicksteed rang a bell and so
he is likely one of the translators because I can't place him for
anything else.

Searches for the various translator's names in association with Temple
and Dante might provide more convincing proof but Pat's mention of
the annotation by Wicksteed and Oelsner is the clicher for me.

Here are some URLs and what the files say:

H. Oelsner, P.H. Wicksteed and T. Okey (Temple Classics, 1899=F11901).
The most compact and still useful.
Thanks Rickard. It seems there is no absolutely
positive indication. Very curious.