The wounded surgeon (cf the fisher king) is an image of Christ.
The Dove is an image of the Holy Spirit. Theologically the Holy
Spirit is/Pentecost is post resurrection, so the wounding is
over, and now the spiritual process is one of healing.

So that doesn't work for me.

I realise that the image of the burning birds is a
fascinating one, and it's hard to think that Eliot wouldn't
use it somewhere. I'm not trying to fight the idea,
I just can't find a reason intellectually or emotionally/
perceptually (mostly the latter) to buy into it.


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Peter Montgomery wrote:
> Somehow a burning bird, fluttering in agony through
> the air, going every which way, just doesn't fit those
> lines as far as I'm concerned.

Doesn't it fit with "The wounded surgeon plies the steel"?