Kate Troy wrote:

How it amazes me and most people here time and time again how useless the Europeans are.  If it wasn't for the U.S. and Israel, the people of the world would be poor, illiterate souls bowing to the great allah, the women all veiled and slaved, the children even more ignorant than their parents.

But, of course, I know that Gunnar will be wearing Red, White and Blue to work next Wednesday.  Yes, Europeans, next Wednesday, we are all wearing Red, White and Blue to work, school, shopping, etc.  I know the Arabs would like us all to wear black, but alas, we think much differently than the Arabs. 


Well, I can't really understand what you meant to say, but please remember there's some European people here on the list, too, so...Should we talk about politics or TSE?

Nobody here even knew about wearing Red, White and Blue on Wednesday, you know. I won't do it -- you know why? In Cambridge, inside one of the many churches you can find there, there's Godfrey Washington's grave. He was George's grandfather. His coat-of-arms was a white shield with three red stars on the top and three red lines across it -- the stars represent spurs and the red striped represent rivers of blood. That's where the US flag came from -- a private bloody coat-of-arms.

I mean, not even the Pope here gives a damn about Islam and Allah, why should you Americans? What makes you think you're more civilized than others? What makes you think you're better than others? What makes you think you can rule the whole world? 
Just for you have a stupid president that nobody voted, who sez "too many fires?? let's cut some more trees, then"!..?

USA has been just showing to be the land of prejudices, not of freedom. That's why bombs hit that country and not any other. How can you just be happy to be in a war? That is crazy. 
War mustn't exist anymore. And that's the end of it. Hiroshima and Nagasaki have paid enough for it -- let's stop it now.