>> Some of the continental European nations have broken off trade relations with Israel. 
Check your sources (if you have any, of course). The European Union has actually declared war on Israel, and arch-traitor France is pointing its ballistic missiles at Tel-Aviv... 
Offensive remarks are one thing, mind-boggling ignorance, distortion of the basic facts and disinformation are another. Some European politicians have proposed limited trade sanctions against Israel (to little effect so far), independent organisations have called for boycots of specific products. But nothing as radical as the breaking off of trade relations has occurred. 
I suggest that the author of the above remark get a good newspaper somewhere, check the meaning of the words 'break off', 'trade relations', 'simplistic', 'generalisation' and 'baloney' in a dictionary, and then come back in our midst.
RaphaŽl Ingelbien 
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