I was commenting on several ads for an apartment in Warsaw.
The content was as follows:  "The one in the Old City looks the best.  Of course, one doesn't know its exact location.
Re: TSE, the fact is that in his 1932 Harvard lectures for the undergraduates he made several references to Marshal Jozef Pilsudski's memoir of his various battles.
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..."an inhabitant of Starowce"? (mieszkanko na Starowce)...
I'm sorry -- was that Polish? I know some but just didn't manage to understand all the words.
I think it should be translated "najladniej" as "in the best way", "sie prezdstawia" as "introduces himself"...
Then "nie" as "this", "wiadomo" as "news", "oczywiscie" as "clearly", "gdzie ono sie miesci" as "where one gets confused"?
Well...just trying...been studying it for a very short time.