I know from prior posts that you are sympathetic (as I am) to the efforts of the State of Israel to survive within secure borders.
I wonder: before launching into this fashionable and grossly ignorant Euro- and Franco-bashing, did you bother to educate yourself at all as to the role France played -- when the U.S. was much more indifferent -- in securing Israel's safety and regional dominance?  Do you know who -- in defiance of world opinion -- sold Israel the jets that won the 1967 war?  Do you care? 
Tom K
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As I said before, maye I am simply missing the irony or the point of Kate's mail. If this is so, just for me, being the stupid European that I am (soory to all my intelligent fellow Europeans ;-) ), could it be made more clear?

Sorry, I thought I did make it very clear.  The lady in the harbor, although as you said is a symbol of freedom, was a gift from the French.  And she will still be there shining in our harbor  long after the French are all gone.  And why will the French be all gone?  Yes, you are correct again, because of their own stupidity and the fact that we are tired of helping them and the rest of the Europeans when it is never reciprocated.  Therefore, we will not be there next time to liberate Paris, i.e. to save you. Good luck.