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>     It is easy to ignore messages -- the silence that meets most with any
> content demonstrates this.  Argument, rebuttal, ignoring are fair.
Name-calling and
> organized exclusion are as distasteful as was the long ago call for a

The difference between 'ignoring' and 'shunning' on a discussion list isn't
all that clear to me. Why is one fair and the other distasteful? I should
think they amount to the same thing.

On a related theme:
When I last resubscribed after a period of absence this summer, I noted that
the instructions no longer include anything about etiquette. Or course, such
recommendations did not always prevent mud-slinging in the past. But in the
last resort they could always be produced to remind everyone of the basic
standards of discussion on a list like this one.

Their absence means that the 'delete' key really is the only option
available in some cases. There's nothing distasteful about using it.


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