Meyer Robert K GS-9 99 CES/CECT wrote:

> Like TSE's "IT'S" vs the "ITS"?  Thanks, I was getting confused.
> Interesting that, although blind, it was still important to him *how* it
> looked on the page.

    I think one of the questions is whether he heard them differently.  Like
its / it's in being a mistake not of the poet's making.  (Or so I understand
the two cases.)


Dear old Milton.  I've sent this before, but there are always new people on the

To the Ghost of John Milton

If I should pamphleteer twenty years against royalists,
With rewards offered for my capture dead or alive,
And jails and scaffolds always near,

And then my wife should die and three ignorant daughters
Should talk about their father as a joke, and steal the
Earnings of books, and the poorhouse always reaching for me,
If I then lost my eyes and the world was all dark and I
Sat with only memories and talk—

I would write “Paradise Lost,” I would marry a second wife
And on her dying I would marry a third pair of eyes to
Serve my blind eyes, I would write “Paradise Regained,” I
Would write wild, foggy, smoky, wordy books—

I would sit by the fire and dream of hell and heaven,
Idiots and kings, women my eyes could never look on again,
And God Himself and the rebels God threw into hell.    [Carl Sandburg]