> Has anyone bothered to look into why it is
> that the women are talking of Michaelangelo, rather
> than, say, Rafael, or DaVinci or say the lastest mod.
> art rage?

Possible reasons (in random order):

1. Rhyme and meter: 'Michaelangelo' ends with 'o' and has quite a few
syllables. See also Nacy's post on this.

2. Michaelangelo was suspected of murder ('there will be time to murder and

3. Michaelangelo's interest in the male form. Pace Steve, I don't really see
it as part of a homoerotic subtext. But there is an ironic contrast between
the power of the male bodies in Michaelangelo and the women's civilised
conversation. Compare with Yeats in 'Under Ben Bulben' (1938):

    Michael Angelo left a proof
    On the Sistine chapel roof
    Where but half-awakened Adam
    Can disturb globe-trotting Madam
    Till her bowels are in heat...


RaphaŽl Ingelbien
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