am 2.9.2002 22:07 Uhr schrieb Carrol Cox unter [log in to unmask]:

> Writing, unlike speech, should be seen in the same
> category as perfect pitch, ability to wiggle one's ears, and other
> aberrations, desirable and undesirable.)

I disagree, dear Carrol,

Your statement on a list dedicated to such a genius of the written word
seems almost sacrilegious ;-)!

But: Don't you agree that precise writing is a sign of precise thinking?
Mind you, I'm using the term "writing skill" as you did, and this has
nothing to do with grammar and its often arbitrary and illogical rules.

Albeit I realise that judging and classifying a person for his/her
(grammatically correct) writing ability is pure nonsense I keep doing it all
the time; I have always been an outrageous stickler for German grammar.

This must be some kind of sophomoric vanity, a secret code that one has gone
to the right schools, or a hidden desire for order (LÓ, tout n'est qu'ordre
et beautÚ,/Luxe, calme et voluptÚ).

B.t.w.: One of my main reasons to be on the TSE list is to hone my knowledge
of the English language and to try to emulate elegant writers such as you.


I loved your "ability to wiggle one's ears"...