From: Jennifer Formichelli

Thank you. I take the epithet 'picky' as a compliment.
Then I wish you well with it.

I hope you don't find it too limiting
in seeing analogies and making connections.

I shall remember your rules of pickiness
in case another occasion for discussion arises.
As we each go on with our own rules OF which others
are unaware, I suspect we shall be like
the victims of the tower of Babel. Either that,
or we shall be so busy sorting out rules,
we shan't have other things to say.

I in the mean time will continue to see Eliot's
use of the Erinyes as a model for people having
to face the consequences of their actions in all
his plays. It is another example of the use of
the mythic method as Joyce used in Ulysses. Had
he been pickily faithful to the original myth, I
wonder where he would have gotten.

As to whether epigraphs are in a work or not,
seems to me that anything that comes under the
title is IN the poem. Where would proof rock,
er "Prufrock" be without the Danté epigraph?
They are joined at the hip. To use the concept
from "Tradition and the Individuqal Talon", they
modify each other. Sweeney Ag. has changed the
meaning of the original epigraphs as much as have
the epigraphs inserted themselves INTO the poem
 -- like a virus even.