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I mean, not even the Pope here gives a damn about Islam and Allah, why should you Americans? What makes you think you're more civilized than others? What makes you think you're better than others? What makes you think you can rule the whole world?
Just for you have a stupid president that nobody voted, who sez "too many fires?? let's cut some more trees, then"!..?

Maybe because the Terrorists, all fanatical followers of allah, didn't bomb the vatican; they bombed America.  As for Americans being more civilized and better than others, I believe that our Constitution, the law of the land, is highly civilized. I never said we were better than everyone or indeed anyone.  However, I do say that our American society is more civilized than what one would find in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.  I mean, women here can actually walk in the street without wearing veils; they can work, go to school, go to the mall; our children are educated.  These basic elements  alone make our society more civilized than much of the world, unfortunately.  What makes us think we can rule the whole world?  Maybe because we're doing it.  George W. is hardly stupid and many people voted for him.