I believe that the preference some people have for either dogs or cats is
based on affinity and needs.  The latter is easier to understand.  A woman
alone feels safe with a big dog in the house.  A family isn't compete without

a mutt for the kids to romp with, etc.  In my own personal case (sorry,
Nancy), I like to run, and it would be most difficult to partake of that
activity with a cat.  Yet, that aside, I have a definite affinity with dogs;
I don't hate cats; at friends' homes, I am very affectionate with the silly
creatures.  But, I don't  possess an affinity for them.  Yet, if they show a
mutt on a tv commercial, my husband and I are all gushy.  So, those of you
with affinity for cats have more of an insight to this side of Eliot's
personality than I do by nature.

And, needless to say, I have little interest in his cat poems.


Kate (meow, meow)