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Going further with the assertion of masculine preferences in pets for
straights, one is compelled to assume that Mr Real Man should own at least
a lion to prove his masculinity:-) If pets are indicative of sexual
orientation I will definitely try to get one as soon as possible:-) In case
it devours me one day, my people will blame you, Kate:-)

Ah, at last someone with a sense of humor. Is it possible on this List? In case no one else thought of this, I was joking about the dogs and the cats; I was kind of being ironic  re:  pipes and cigarettes.  In reality, most men who smoke tobacco smoke cigarettes, gay men and straight men.  A few men, both gay and straight, do smoke tobacco in pipes but most men smoking pipes, gay and straight, aren't smoking tobacco.  As for dogs and cats, I definitely believe that some people are dog people and some people are cat people, and some people aren't either, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with sexual orientation.

Regards from yet another hot sultry night in Florida,