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Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> Stoutly correctatious
> Gunnar
> seems like anything to
> push the idea of a pre-emptive strike against Iraque will do.

A Latin sublety, Sir Correction?  Causa belli terror iraque sunt.  Or only a
variation between your spelling and mine?

Marcia (waiting for the electronic blue pencil to strike)

I'm not a big fan of Alec Guiness.  I saw Our Man in Havana and would rate it as fair.  Actually, I thought he was good in the movies he starred in based on the spy novels by John Le Carre, Tinker Tailor and Smiley's People.

As for Iraq, I have no idea as to why we even monitor that country's leader and his activities, never mind any contemplation at taking action against him.  He seems like a perfectly nice gentleman to me.  Look at the way he treats his people.  By all means, let him do as he will in the world.  How it amazes me and most people here time and time again how useless the Europeans are.  If it wasn't for the U.S. and Israel, the people of the world would be poor, illiterate souls bowing to the great allah, the women all veiled and slaved, the children even more ignorant than their parents.

But, of course, I know that Gunnar will be wearing Red, White and Blue to work next Wednesday.  Yes, Europeans, next Wednesday, we are all wearing Red, White and Blue to work, school, shopping, etc.  I know the Arabs would like us all to wear black, but alas, we think much differently than the Arabs.