Jennifer Formichelli wrote:

> First of all, thank you for the information. I didn't even know there was an
> erratum to Paradise Lost.
> Second, what do you make of it?

Me to Carrol:

> the erratum for the first edition of PL-"Lib. 2.
> v. 414, for we read wee."

Dear Jennifer,

I think the following must be taken into account when making something of the

     memory (used in ways we now don't);
     patient secretaries;
     Milton having something in mind for the dual spellings of the
     a way to communicate the spelling, both by him and to him

Carrol mentions Helen Darbishire, but she isn't the only one to ponder the
spellings.  Forgive me if I don't rehearse the various ideas.  I can't recall
them now and am supposed to be doing other things.  Symbolism is not the only
idea put forth.

Instead of the academic stuff, I'll tell you that Milton's brain was overflowing
and he would call to the day's amanuensis to _milk me_.  Coincidence, I suppose,
that at Cambridge his long hair lead to the nickname "The Lady."

Look in Beeching's edition [viii] for the erratum.