Jacek Niecko wrote:

> Most of Eliot's notes for the 1932 lectures for an undergraduate class
> have been preserved at Harvard.

> They seem to be in public domain, as I was able to obtain copies
> without any fuss several years ago.

Anything Eliot wrote after 1922 is still under copyright protection in
most countries.  You are confusing public domain with free access.  If
the notes were truly public domain you could have them published
yourself and keep the all the proceeds for yourself.  But, if you do
publish the Harvard lecture notes, you would certainly be hearing from
Mrs. Eliot's solicitors.

Works published by Eliot prior to 1923 have varying copyright status.
The Waste Land, for example, is in the public domain in the US but
Faber and Faber have gone after the publishers of websites printing
the poem in the UK.

    Rick Parker