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> We owe honesty to people who have relied on our support, and it would be
> dishonest to pretend any peace proposal that allows for a militarized West
> Bank (for example) would be meaningful for Israel.  An armed Iraq, on the
> other hand, is something Israel has long lived with, and is well prepared
> to handle.
> Yes, the French were the principal suppliers of military aircraft to Israel
> through the period up to and including the six day war, and France Mirage
> jets won that war.  I'm not suggesting it was altruism -- I'm sure they
> were well paid -- but much of the world was not willing to sell such
> technology to Israel at that time, and France was.

I'm sure it was very brave of the French to sell the Israelis jets during the
Six Day War.  Wasn't that the war where all of the major Arab countries
attacked this one little country and the little country whipped all of their
asses?  I know nothing of the France Mirage Jets; I just hope that the
Israelis find our F-16's as satisfactory.

As far as America making a peace settlement for Israel that is not in their
best interest, I hardly think that is likely since, first of all, we do not
dictate to or negotiate for Israel; then, of course, Israel is our best
friend our most loyal ally.  And, lastly but not leastly, besides us, Israel
has the most powerful military and intelligence operations in the world.  So,
though, I'm sure the Israelis would appreciate your concern, I believe that
it is misplaced.

Some of the continental European nations have broken off trade relations with
Israel.  I find this extremely amusing in view of the fact that the trade
relations Israel has with most of their Arab neighbors, Jordan, Egypt, etc.,
are still in place.

It's a hot, sultry night in Florida.  Some things never change.