> >There's a Chandler-like parody of The Waste Land done
> >in cartoon style. It's really quite a masterfl piece of work.
> >Forget the title off hand.

> The Waste Land, by Martin Rowson (writer and illustrator), Edward
> Burlingame/Harper & Row, 1990.

"The book I most appreciated this year was The Waste Land by Martin
Rowson, a comic strip version of the poem which is far funnier and
perhaps more genuinely learned than the orginal."
                                         Peter Ackroyd, The Times

as seen at the book's back cover via:

That URL has expandable images of the front and back covers.

    Rick Parker

Figuring out the allusions in Rowson's TWL is a heck of a lot more fun than
trying to figure out Eliot's.