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.  In paraphrase, a Chinese army officer told the reporter protesting the oppression of a dissident that you will know why when you are faced with similar problems.  The reporter wondered whether terrorism would prove the officer correct and we would go the Chinese way.  Secret courts, unknown defendants, and indefinite incarceration are not the American way.  Are they ?

No, but the men being held at Guantanamo Bay are not dissidents; they are not American citizens protesting the Vietnam War.  They are, in fact, guerilla fighters, arab extremists, trained by terrorists cells whose very existence is to destroy the United States and Israel, and the rest of the western world.  So, what should we do with them?  Send them back so they may continue their good works?  Fly them all to Idaho or some other state with a lean population and encourage them in the ways of farming?  You tell me.