Ooh ooh
And what if Elvis is still alive?  Does that mean that I shouldn't hire his
impersonator for my Hallowe'en party?
Ooh ooh
And what if the Chinese are ready to start marching across Asia and into
Europe with a Billion soliders?  I think that that could be a threat in the
next 60 years or so, so let's go ahead and nuke them now.

Ooh ooh -- let's say I'm oh, Germany and France and Russia, and I see that
the U.S. is about to attack a nation that has not first attacked the U.S. and
I see that attacking that nation will dis-stablize (I meant that i) the whole
region which will grind the world's economy even slower than it is and
probably give Pakistan and India good reason to start fighting which will
encourage the crazies in the Congo to start killing each other again and the
Muslims in Indonesia and the Phillipines to revolt (not to mention the
Muslims in Chechenya) and will probably start World War III; is it okay If I
go ahead and send in my (Germany, France, and Russia [or whomever]) Swat team
and "take out" the Cowboy who wants to start all this mess?  IF the US can
engage in "Regime Changing" (which is outlawed by Geneva, isn't it?),  can't
anyone else?

Mr. Bush is coming sorely close to being a very, very bad president.  His
father was already laughable (oh, now, what recession?).   Historians tend to
play down a President's role in wartime and look at how the citizens of the
country were doing.

Hoo Hum.  I voted for Nader.  I'm hoping Kerry from North Carolina will run
in 04.