am 29.9.2002 1:31 Uhr schrieb Robert Summers unter [log in to unmask]:

> My story of course is not at all unique.  The moron that we have as a
> president is carefully preparing the American people for war.  Congress
> should require this asshole to read the 58.000 names on the Vietnam memorial
> and visit all the veterans hospitals before he makes any decisions.  This
> war is not about anything other than oil.
> Most likely I will be thrown off this list for being too political and
> personal.  If I broke the ground rules, I apologize.
> Bob Summers

Dear Bob,

the threat of war is imminent, and your reluctance to back it courageous
, considering that over 70 % of U.S. voters apparently seem to back Mr.
Bush's disastrous policy.

From our off-list exchanges I have learned about your predicaments, and I
can only hope that you carry out your project of a demonstration of veterans
against war.

Be assured that you are not alone. There have been over 500'000 people
demonstrating in Hyde park this week end.

As today's New York Time notes, Iraq's refusal to accept the new U.S.

 "...could also mark the beginning of the transition from diplomacy to war
in the Persian Gulf, as President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair were
already wheeling their military forces to higher states of readiness."

There have been cautions by retired U.S. four star generals to Congress,
Among them was Gen. John P. Hoar, who noted that Mr. Hussein appeared to be
preparing for a defense of Baghdad. General Hoar said he feared a "nightmare
scenario" of six Iraqi Republican Guard divisions and six additional tank
divisions ringed by several thousand antiaircraft guns.

"The result would be high casualties on both sides, as well as in the
civilian community," he told the Senate Armed Services Committee. "U.S.
forces will certainly prevail, but at what cost? And at what cost as the
rest of the world watches while we win and have military rounds exploding in
densely populated Iraqi neighborhoods?" he asked.

But let us go now, you and I, back to our ivory tower.