Maire McQueeney wrote:

> BTW, I will be leaving the list soon to cut down my email.

Oh, darn.  But there is still some hope for you and us both.  You
could stay on the list but only get one post a day by request the list
server to send you the TSE posts in DIGEST format.  You still get as
much to read but you might find it easier to read and delete one email
a day instead of dozens.

To do that send a message to [log in to unmask]
(note that this is a different address than the one
used to post to the TSE list itself.)

Leave the subject line blank but include the following in the body of
the message (it is probably best to add a blank line after it):


If you want to unsubscribe anyway, the old instructions might still
work but the new way is to send the same listproc address a message of:


(The old way was send UNSUBSCRIBE TSE)

    Rick Parker