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_, for mental illness is not like a broken arm, or even a case
of TB, for each case is a constant interplay between "it" and the
responses of those around, the whole life history of the sufferer.

I don't agree with you about Psychiatry being no better today than in the 1920's.  I think it has significantly advanced; however, treatment is expensive and not covered or covered only minimally by most health plans, and of course, some people who can afford treatment don't choose to seek it for a variety of reasons.  During my life, I have had a couple of friends who had similar symptoms as yours, a panic type anxiety.  I hope that you have been tested for hypoglycemia, for hypoglycemia can cause panic type anxiety and a change of diet would then alleviate much or all of the problem.  If hypoglycemia isn't the problem, as it wasn't with one of my friends, then I would suggest therapy combined with a light anti-anxiety drug to take the edge off.    My friend went this route.  She was diagnosed as being borderline bi-polar.  To this day, she takes a low dose of the drug, Depakote, daily, but no other drugs, and she is, fortunately, almost totally free of her anxiety.  In any event, dental problems make lots of people anxious.