One meaning of "min" is mind, intention, purpose (obsolete) or
remembrance, memory, mention--according to the OED.  But it curiously
later says the "alleged O.E. min does not exist and is really minne, with
the meaning wicked, harmful."  For whatever one can make of that.

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Peter Montgomery wrote:

> Any idea what "min" in the above means?

Sorry, no.  A search for waite and min looking to see if it was used
earlier in the book (or rather a previous webpage) brought up too many
foreign language pages and pages where tapes could be ordered (e.g. 45
and 2 tapes min order) for me to bother with right now.  I'm a bit short
on time and that's why I only sent in that one post without a comment on
the tarot's significance for the falling towers.  Maybe someone else can
pick up the ball.

    Rick Parker