It may well be that the film out does the novel,
in a number of ways. Don't know if Green's
THE HEART OF THE MATTER fits in here. It is a much
better piece of work along some of the same lines.
I vaguely remember that it has been cinemaised
as well.

To be slightly ON TOPIC, one shouldn't forget
that Eliot was fond of the nefarious in literature,
esp. Sherlock Holmes. Even used a bit MURDER IN
THE CATHEDRAL which he was originally going to
call something like THE ARCHBISHOP MURDER CASE.
The Gaurdians in THE COCKTAIL PARTY have all the
characteristics of double agents, too.

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>Not unlike Guiness's greagt parody, OUR MAN IN HAVANNA.

Thanks, Peter, for mentioning this.  I didn't know there was a film version,
much less with Guiness, and I was just wondering whether one had been made.
I'd stumbled across the paperback recently and read it in the hope it would
be as good as The Quiet American.  I was a bit disappointed, but still 'twas
a fun read.  Also thought it seemed like the inspiration for the recent
film, The Tailor of Panama.

Tom K