Dear Jennifer,

Putting it in the American way: you are positively, definitely, and
abso---lootely right! :-)



On Sep 26 2002, Jennifer Formichelli wrote:

> Dear Kate,
>   You write: "And everyone waits in line. He probably became a British
> citizen because the class system in Britain lasted longer and had more
> influence than in America."
>   Let me correct you. First of all, no one in Britain 'waits in line'.
> They queue up.
>   Secondly, the fact that the class system lasted longer in Britain is
> simply not true. (nor do you, as usual, produce any facts to substantiate
> your, as usual, widely unacceptable conclusions). The British class
> system is also a much different thing than the American one. I am not
> aware that either is deceased. And I rather think there was more to
> Eliot's decision to take British nationality.
>   Jennifer