On Sep 26 2002, Kate Troy wrote:

 > In reality, Tom is mourning the dying class system. Those terrible
> middle class persons, especially the American middle class, owning nice
> houses and cars and the latest technology, with no respect for the
> aristocracy, and the governments of Britain and America now catering to
> them in their speeches. And everyone waits in line. He probably became a
> British citizen because the class system in Britain lasted longer and had
> more influence than in America.
> Poor Tom; he would positive loathe computers, cell phones, rock music.
> He would think the Boston Symphony absolutely corrupt for backing up the
> Moody Blues in concert; we won't even mention the Colorado symphony
> backing up Metallica; however, if he was gay, he may have happily
> adjusted in the long run.

Dear Kate,

I am not quite sure you are fond of TSE's personality, much less of his
poetry. What makes you read all these messages, I wonder :-))))))