From: Michelle Hadden

> I really hate the idea/practice of uniform spelling.
> It is an artficial imposition originating with typesetters
> who were trying to simplify and speed up their jobs. Those
> circumstances no longer apply, so I think standardised
> spelling should be dumped.
> Cheers,
> Peter

really?  how would you propose setting up computerised
search engines (I'm not trying to be a smart ass-I find
the idea intriguing and am just wondering how it could
be put into practice).
There's no problem there, Michelle, because we
already have spelling variants such as Webster's
abitrary impositions, so we just accomodate more variants.
Goodness knows all the variants that go into the
assembly of the OED.

From a computer programmer, one would get the standard reply,
one sets up an algorithm and provides a list of exceptions.
Sometimes in computing that list can be very, very long.