From: Temur Kobakhidze

I have nothing against the US invading Iraq, and I strongly believe that
Saddam has to step down from power. Especially remembering his oil
reserves that won't let the US stay relaxed and impassive when there's a
chance of getting hold of them:)))) And of course he should be taught a
lesson, and he deserves it, and he definitely irritates me, and so on, and
so forth:))).
I suppose the show would be amusing.
Extreme lust for power meets extreme greed for energy.
Looks like energy trumps power, or greed trumps lust,
or whatever. What people won't do to avoid being bored.

PS* "`I grow old... I grow old... I shall wear the bottoms of my
rolled.` What does that mean, Mr.Marlowe?" "Not a bloody thing. It just
sounds good." He smiled. "That is from the `Love Song of J. Alfred
Prufrock.` Here's another one. `In the room women come and go/Talking of
Michael Angelo.' Does that suggest anything to you, sir?" Yeah -- it
suggests to me that the guy didn't know very much about women." "My
sentiments exactly, sir. Nonetheless I admire T. S. Eliot very much."
"Did you say, 'nonetheless'?"
There's a Chandler-like parody of The Waste Land done
in cartoon style. It's really quite a masterfl piece of work.
Forget the title off hand.

BTW rolling trousers came in at about the time Prufrock
was written. It was a statement of youthful rebellion.
Today we call them trouser cuffs and get our rebellious
kicks by puting rings through our noses, lips, cheeks
(both kinds), navels and every other orifice, hand]or otherwise.