I have nothing against the US invading Iraq, and I strongly believe that
Saddam has to step down from power. Especially remembering his oil reserves
that won't let the US stay relaxed and impassive when there's a chance of
getting hold of them:)))) And of course he should be taught a lesson, and
he deserves it, and he definitely irritates me, and so on, and so

The pretext of his harbouring terrorists, or owing weapons of mass
destruction, which really is just a pretext for the US gov., acquires a
significance of quite a possible fact for me personally.

Nevertheless*, I am strongly opposed to the views expressed as far as
Europe is concerned, especially if 70% of Americans think the same way, as
we are told. It seems in this case it's the failure of European cultural
influence that should be blamed: sadly enough, TS E's age has passed away,
and the European cultural heritage is hardly any more working, even in the
minds of educated Americans. This diagnosis may seem disastrous to some
scholarly minded people on both sides of the Atlantic, but not to those who
think high tech skills, and say, Rembrandt's paintings or Bach's toccatas
are interchangeable.



PS* "`I grow old... I grow old... I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers
rolled.` What does that mean, Mr.Marlowe?" "Not a bloody thing. It just
sounds good." He smiled. "That is from the `Love Song of J. Alfred
Prufrock.` Here's another one. `In the room women come and go/Talking of
Michael Angelo.' Does that suggest anything to you, sir?" Yeah -- it
suggests to me that the guy didn't know very much about women." "My
sentiments exactly, sir. Nonetheless I admire T. S. Eliot very much." "Did
you say, 'nonetheless'?"

                                                    - The Long Goodbye by
Raymond Chandler


On Sep 14 2002, [log in to unmask] wrote:

 > Unfortunately, they keep voting . . . Nancy, I have the right to vote
> for whom I want. Doesn't everyone? I speak for much of America, Nancy.
> All of the polls show that 70% or more of Americans are in TKO of
> invading Iraq today, alone if need be. I am not necessarily in favor of
> such action. I do believe the person who rules Iraq has weapons of mass
> destruction and that he would not hesitate to use them against his
> neighbors, Israel, Europe, America, his own people, and that we need to
> change that situation. But my post of last night was not really about the
> specific case of Iraq.
> And back to the voting, Nancy, believe it or not, I practically always
> vote for the Democratic candidate. I hope that makes you feel better.
> Regards from a lovely day in paradise,
> Kate