The tarot cards are obviously relevant and revalentto this list.
Perhaps it is appropriate thistime to consider the TOWER
card in the tarot. Has there been any discussion ofthat on this list?
That card is referred to inTWL, line 373, as part of the Unreal City.
I guess to Jerusalem, Athens, Alexandria, Vienna, London, we
can now add New York.

Is Toronto next? It has a pretty conspicuous erection just
asking for some violence.

Bad thought or realistic?

Yeats loved towers. He even lived in one.

Tower of Babel?

Just looking for a mythical context in which to set this
unbelievable event, as in Eliot's concept of the mythical method.

Anybody read Charles William's THEGREATER TRUMPS?
The climactic scene involves a house that has been a tower
of secrecy burning down because of an abuse of power.

God bless,