Dear List,

Sorry for kind of jumping into the discussion, but does this lady really
mean what she says?

With all due respect, this statement seems at least tactless.


On Sep 6 2002, Sara Trevisan wrote:

> Kate Troy wrote:
> How it amazes me and most people here time and time again how useless
> the Europeans are. If it wasn't for the U.S. and Israel, the people of
> the world would be poor, illiterate souls bowing to the great allah, the
> women all veiled and slaved, the children even more ignorant than their
> parents.
> But, of course, I know that Gunnar will be wearing Red, White and Blue
> to work next Wednesday. Yes, Europeans, next Wednesday, we are all
> wearing Red, White and Blue to work, school, shopping, etc. I know the
> Arabs would like us all to wear black, but alas, we think much
> differently than the Arabs.