Thanks for the hard work Rick.
It's very valuable.


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Subject: I've updated "Exploring 'The Waste Land'"

Dear List,

This year I've managed to put in two major updates to my "Exploring
'The Waste Land'" website.  The first was at the end of March and the
second was just completed today.  The homepage of the website is at URL:

I would say that the major changes were:
    1) Added three scenes of play's by Webster (two complete, one partial)
    2) Added many new translations of other works Eliot alluded to.
    3) Finally added pages describing allusions to Day, Kyd and Webster.
    4) Added new page types (actually this is the biggest visible change.)

The details are given in detail on the webpage at URL:

Let me describe the new page types (#4 above) because the teachers
among you may want to steer your students away from some and toward

Previously I had two types of commentary for each line in the poem,
one that give my own views and one for more typical and generally
accepted commentary.  I've broken out of the general commentary two
other page types.  One type discusses the poetry and another comments
on Eliot's biography where there are parallels to TWL (some of these
are just for fun, such as the mandolin that Vivien gave to Tom.)  I
tried to keep the biography pages all factual with no commentary on
the relationship to the poem.)  So now, next to a line in the poem you
may see one of "Komment," (for my commentary) "Comment," "Poetry" and
"Bio."  If you do send your students to my site you may want to steer
them away from "Komment" and "Bio" until they are more familiar with
the poem.

Additionally, on the topic of the history of the poem, I've added two
page types.  The four I have now are:

1) Draft - shows or describes what was in the draft for selected lines.
2) Origin - shows where Eliot got some lines
   (e.g., Phlebas from "Dans ...")
3) Compare - points out other Eliot poems of interest
   (e.g., usage of lilacs elsewhere)
4) Change - How the published version of the poem has changed over time
   (e.g., the addition of the dedication to Pound)

I've got more pages to add for the above.  Since I'll never finish my
"to do" list anyway so I decided to update the site this month and the
rest of the pages can be added later.

    Rick Parker