At 05:13 PM 9/29/2002 -0500, Carrol Cox wrote:

>Peter Montgomery wrote:

> > I in the mean time will continue to see Eliot's
> > use of the Erinyes as a model for people having
> > to face the consequences of their actions in all
> > his plays.
>But it also tells us something about Eliot (_and_ the plays) that he
>profoundly misunderstood the thrust of the Aeschylean drama. There is no
>question of conscience or facing consequences in Aeschylus. It is a
>political/religious, _not_ moral or psychological drama.


   It tells me something that you make a conclusion about Eliot based on
Peter's statement. Just out of curiosity, when did it become necessary to
exclude the moral and psychological from the political and religious? And
then you say:

<<There is nothing wrong with a poet radically misreading earlier poets;
Bloom may have something in his theory of (whatever the theory is
called). But there is also nothing wrong (in fact I think it is highly
desirable) that we incorporate recognition of that misreading into our
reading of the poet concerned.>>

  Well, it is highly desirable as long as we are not, how do the Garulese
say it, dreaming it up rather than recognizing it. I highly doubt that Mr.
Eliot, in any meaningful way, misread Aeschylus, and your taking Peter's
thumbnail formulation of what he finds in TSE's plays for Eliot's principle
of usage seems at best uncalled for. 'Specially with all those unread and
unremembered plays lying about you.

>Ooops. Just went up stairs to check my copies. Obviously it was not 50
>years ago I read the _Elder Statesman_ -- I must be thinking of _The
>Family Reunion_ as the book I read but don't remember. I own what looks
>to be the first (Faber & Faber) edition of _Statesman_, but don't know
>whether I ever read it. I also own the first American edition of
>_Confidential Clerk_, but I'm (almost) sure I never read that.

Ken Armstrong

P.S. to Marcia: I know, I still owe you an "interpretation and/vs/or
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