From: Nancy Gish
One may be interested in the sources of poems
without taking moral stands on the poet either way.  But it does matter,
for example, that "on Margate sands/ I can connect nothing with nothing" was
written when he had just been to Margate and was having a breakdown.
Thanks, Nancy.

You seem to have taken at least some of my comments as
being critical of your own.

I was simply presenting my own view.
The information on Emily is of value.

Personal behaviour at odds with what one advocates
may certainly seem to be hypocrisy, but that doesn't
invalidate the truth of what one advocates.
I'm not about to try to justify E.'s behaviour;
neither am I willing to draw conclusions on the basis
of the information we have about his behaviour.

As to Margate sands -- well it does fit in with
the geography of the poem -- the trip down the
river. Supposing he'd taken his break somewhere else
but still used Margate sands? I don't see what
knowing his personal situation was, adds to the

Thanks again and cheers,