Call for Papers:  The relations between text, cinema and/or dramatic

Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, Northern Cyprus.

The sixth annual Literature and Humanities Conference will be held at
Eastern Mediterranean University as part of Inscriptions in the Sand, an
Arts and Culture festival taking place at the university and environs
between May 30th and June 1st 2003.  In conjunction with a wide selection of
music, performance and film events, discussion- friendly papers are being
solicited for our symposium.  Although we will be publishing selected
presentations from Inscriptions in the Sand, we encourage participants to
move away from the standard prewritten, "finished paper" format, towards a
more open-ended presentation, which will provoke and contribute to a genuine
exchange of research and ideas during the panel sessions. Our aim is to
create a forum and publishing venue for inspiring work in progress, where
the exchange of ideas with fellow academics participating in the conference
will contribute to the final form of participants' work.

With this in mind, we invite papers and/or presentations that examine the
current status of critical thinking on the relations between text, cinema
and/or dramatic performance.  Possible topics might include but are not
limited to:

-           from Barthes to Bergman to Beckett: theorizing text/technique
-           spectator 'Bliss'/Jouissance
-           writing experimental theatre
-           reassessing Greenaway's textual/visual hermeneutics
-           script production and novel adaptation
-           page/frame: the borders of interpretation
-           empty spaces/textual margins and/or minimalism/spectacle
-           textual strategies in silent movies
-           Dogma 95
-           the modern dance musical; Riverdance,
            Lords of the Dance, Sultans of the Dance,
            Rabbis of the Dance . . . .  where will it end
-           dance as gender text
-           reassessing John Cage's Roaratorio
-           reassessing Seamus Heaney's The Government of the Tongue
-            'AART': Audio Artists' Radio Transmission
-           textual preparation or physical improvisation in performance art
-            auteurs/amateurs: the death of experimental cinema
-           the death of tragedy/the rise of comedy: theatre and dialectics
-           the Situationists' legacy
-            modernizations of period drama
-           cinema in the twenty-first century: intertextual or
-           Stanley Kubrick and narrative adaptation
-            parasite, pastiche, parody, postmodernism?:
-            quarrying the theatrical cannon
-            technological returns to text/text messaging
-            authorial copyright vs. directorial freedom and/or
author/director correspondence
-            "revolutionary" theatre in Africa
-           the No and Kabuki traditions
-           digital animation/animated technology
-           text, performance and the Oscar acceptance speech
-            Umberto Eco and the cultural impact of The Name of the Rose
-           visual pleasure: gendered gazes and coloured spectacles

Papers are also welcomed on individual artists. Suggestions:

Jacques Derrida
Julia Kristeva
Paul De Man
David Lynch
Bertolt Brecht
Commedia dell'arte
Martin McDonagh
Tom Stoppard
Wole Soyinka
Sonia Sanchez
Theatre of Cruelty
Lars von Trier
Athol Fugard
David Cronenberg
Wim Wenders
Jane Campion
Tinto Brass
Krzysztof Kieslowski
Sergei Eisenstein
Woody Allen
Yvonne Rainer
Spike Lee
Brian Friel

Please send 250 word abstracts by 30 October 2002 to
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