Signposts: Discourse on Travel

Travel writing encompasses diverse national, methodological, and
disciplinary perspectives. In particular, recent critical attention
devoted to travel narratives intersects with problematics of
multiculturalism and subject formation: for whatever the journey's
motive -- tourism, education, flight, emigration, or domination -- the
journey changes both the place visited and the self that travels.  The
organizers of this one-day conference at The Catholic University of
America in Washington, D.C. invite proposals for papers on all genres
and aspects of travel writing in Western and non-Western narratives.
Papers may explore journey literature from theoretical and/or
pedagogical perspectives or focus on travel as metaphor and in cultural
practice.  Topics might include:

Tourism-Immigration * Visiting sites of memory or trauma * Staging the
voyage: dramatic/theatrical imaginings of travel * The Commodification
of the exotic by dominant cultures * Journeys home/journeys of flight *
Multicultural migrations * Individual travel writers and texts *
Rhetorical forms and strategies of documenting travel * Historical forms
of travel and varieties of travel writing * Issues concerning modes of
transport * Fictional representations of travel * Colonial and
postcolonial perspectives * Travel and the aesthetics of place or
landscape * Travel and the postmodern condition * Self-transformation,
authenticity, and appropriation of foreign/exotic landscapes and
cultures in western and non-western literature * Vacation and the
ideology of leisure * Pilgrimage * Ethnography * Travel guides
Memoirs of early travelers, etc * Trans-cultural encounters

Please submit a one-page abstract and brief vitae by email or hard copy
before January 15, 2003 to:

Dr. Julian Nelson
Modern Languages and Literatures
The Catholic University of America
Washington, DC 20064 (202.319.5240)
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