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Subject:      Proving the Point on Stints
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Hi All,
  The following was copied from the Virginia Listserve from Jul 31.
As to the point of Stints for Kansas, there seems to be some more
around, even if on the coast.
This morning at Craney Island in Portsmouth, Va., there was a distinctive
small sandpiper in with a mixed group on the east side of the middle
impoundment.  The bird had extensive rufous on the sides of the neck and
sides of its face.  In size, it appeared slightly larger than a Least
Sandpiper and considerably smaller than a Sanderling, both of which were
conveniently located within 10 ft. of the bird in question.  I only had
binoculars so I was unable to observe as much detail as I would have liked.
After viewing it for about 20 seconds, it took off with a group of about 40
other birds.  Half of them flew off towards the west side of Craney while
the other half  landed about 50 yards away behind some vegetation where they
were not visible.  While I would not advise anyone to drive a long distance
specifically to track down this bird, I would encourage anyone in the area
who has the time, a scope, and the expertise to give it a shot.  While I am
far from certain, there is the distinct possibility that this was a repeat
of the appearance of a Red-necked Stint of a few years ago - a bird I
searched for and missed. This kind of sighting drives me crazy, but (having
learned my lesson in '99) I figured I should report it anyway.

        Mick McHugh
         Kansas City

Mick McHugh
   " Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea,
      Joy to you and me"
        Three Dog Night

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