The version of 'Die Brüder Karamasoff oder der Untergang Europas' I
	have actually uses "Karamasow" instead of "Karamasoff."  I see
	"Karamasoff" used elsewhere on the web in relation to Hesse.  Does
	anyone know whether "Karamasow" was used originally and Eliot
	misspelled it in his TWL quote?
To refresh my memory I went back to the poem
and the note in an anthology. The anthology
(MODERN POETRY by Mack,Dean and Frost)
provides a translation of the passage, rather than
the original, and spells the name Karamazov.

For what its worth.

Seems to me Eliot was pretty careful about such stuff.
I'd put my money on his being correct.

On the other hand the notes ARE meant as something
of a spoof. From what I can see the passage in the
original bears little if any resemblance to the passage
in the poem.

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