In two different posts erik verhaar wrote:

> I was wondering if the contents of The Death of St. Narcissus can
> contribute to a better understanding of the second stanza of [TWL]

> I know that an analysis of 'dans le Restaurant' can contribute to the
> understanding of Part IV

> I made a vow to myself to stick to the published edition of 1922.


Why is it that you feel that an unpublished poem by Eliot may
contribute to understanding TWL but forbid to yourself unpublished
parts of TWL that were intended to be published?  Just consider
how the poem may have looked if Pound's pencil broke just as he was
called to dinner ;-)

As for 'Dans le Restaurant' the best analysis that I've seen is:
    Daedal Harmonies: A Dialogue on Eliot and and the Classics
    William Arrowsmith
    Southern Review, The Louisana State University,
    Volume XIII, Number 1,  January 1977
    pp. 1-47
And I thank Steve Pollack for steering me to it.

    Rick Parker