About two weeks ago I announced the online publication of 'My Past'
by Marie Larisch, a book that may be of interest to readers of 'The
Waste Land' because the author was the Marie mentioned in "The Burial
of the Dead"

I announced the book to the editor of 'The Online Books Page' at about
the same time.

Today I went to check whether he entered 'My Past' into the catalog
yet (he had) and I noticed that another book that would be of interest
to readers of 'The Waste Land' also had been recently cataloged: Henry
Clarke Warren's 'Buddhism in Translations.'

'Buddhism in Translations' is at the 'Sacred Texts' website:

At 'Sacred Texts' you can also find the source for the "Voice of the
Brihadaranyaka-Upanishad, Fifth Adhyaya, Second Brahmana.

    Rick Parker

P.S. #1 - If you do read 'My Past' don't expect to get much of use in
understanding TWL from the the book.  You can read that Marie felt
free in the mountains because her husband didn't care to join her
there.  Other than that you really only need to know that she served
as a go-between in a sex scandal where her cousin Crown Prince Rudolph
and his lover died (possibly a murder suicide but historians still
speculate about what happened.)

P.S. #2 - The title page (in part) of 'Buddhism in Translations' is:

                   IN TRANSLATIONS

  Passages Selected from the Buddhist Sacred Books
and Translated from the Original PÔli into English by
                  Henry Clarke Warren

        Published by Harvard University Press {1896}