Nancy Gish wrote:
> An added note to Raphael:  I think it would be nice if you were right about
> the efficacy of ignoring offfensive views, but I do not think you are.  As this
> post shows, enough of that sort of thing has an impact.  I believe one must
> explicitly counter it because ignoring it is a kind of normalizing or even
> validation.
> Nancy

I agree with both you and Raphael. One can't let such views pass to
begin with -- but since so many have made their response clear, we could
begin to ignore her.


P.S. I did not say Pound's readers were purer -- I merely noted that one
could arrive at that by KT's own perverse generalization.

P.S. 2. I've only recently subscribed. Has there at some point been much
discussion of Gerontion? It is a towering poem.