I'm glad we agreed on Ackroyd and Gordon.  But the view of the Cambridge 
Companion is just that also:  someone's view.  It is not a definitive 
statement of fact. 

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The Cambridge Companion to TSE says that the "biographies that exist 
from partisan to abusive; none are satisfactory, for no biographer has had
access to Eliot's papers."   It also points out that two months before he
died, Eliot specifically told his executors that they were not to
"facilitate or countenance writing of any biography of me."  With that
caveat, the closest satisfactory  biographies are the books by Peter
Ackroyd (TSE: A Life) and Lyndal Gordon's Eliot's Early Years 1977, 
Eliot's New Life 1988, and T.S. Eliot: An Imperfect Life 1999.  There are
some other works that combine analysis and biography, but these are a 

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> Nancy,
>             Which biographies of Eliot are best to read about his Life?
>                                     Sue E.