Yes, I think you are missing something.  First of all, I seem to have been 
wrong on dates, but apart from that, he left Emily and went to England and 
did not propose (as would have been the honorable intention and behavior in 
that time) though he had given her to expect it--at least she clearly did.  He 
had a rather strong capacity for guilt as well as for faithlessness (indeed, 
who feels guilt unless they have done something to cause it?), and it did 
not depend on Vivienne.

Secondly, "misogyny" is not at all limited to men who have nothing to do 
with women.  It has to do with attitudes toward them and beliefs about 
them.  Eliot said deeply hateful things about women and nonetheless got 
along with many of them just as he said anti-semitic things and 
nonetheless seems to have corresponded with a Jewish acquaintance or 
friend and to have had Jewish admirers.  So I think what you are missing is 
that the logic did not depend on a simplistic dichotomy of Emily or Viv, or 
of unrelieved hatred of women or absolute innocence of misogynistic 
attitudes.  Logic does not depend on absolute and mutually exclusive 

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Even a lurker can't let logic be mixed this way.

If he was not feeling guilty about his relationship to his wife because
the poem was wrtitten pre-wife then he was not feeling guilty about his
relationship with  Emily Hale since he had not yet jilted her for Viv. 
The supposed guilt that TSE felt towards Hale being usually seen as
generated by his having jilted her for Viv and then when free from Viv
jilting Hale again for Val.  Am I missing something?

Why would a misogynist feel any guilt what so ever about his relationship
with something he hates?  Or is the misogynist label as commonly applied
to TSE used in some manner that is not consistent with the dictionary? 
Perhaps a label with greater symbolic content to a community I am not part

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM, USA