Look what we missed (I got the word too late): Radio 3,  Thursday January 17th, 2002

19:30 Performance On 3

Performance On 3

 Paul Scofield has had a long standing passion for the poetry of
T S Eliot, recording an acclaimed performance of The Four
Quartets. But it has been his dearest wish to perform for radio
Eliots great poem 'The Waste Land'. In celebration of Paul
Scofield's 80th birthday, tonight's programme of Eliot's verse
and music it inspired, begins with this new reading.

 T S Eliot: The Waste Land
 Matthews In The Dark Time
 A work inspired by Eliots Little Gidding, performed by the BBC
 Symphony Orchestra, Jacques van Steen (conductor)
 T S Eliot: The Four Quartets

    Rick Parker