am 05.01.2002 20:06 Uhr schrieb Arwin van Arum unter [log in to unmask]:

> Who knows seeing him drawing the curtains occasionally or entertaining some
> famous guests or smoking his pipe will inspire me to pick up on my own
> writing activities.

It's news to me that Dutch people actually do a have curtains, dear Arwin!

Whenever I'm in Holland I am enchanted by the fact to be able to look
through the buildings and see the gracht (the Amsterdam canal) on the other
side of the street.

It is this openness, perhaps a reflection of a cultural and ethnic openness
of the Dutch I've always admired, a formidable contrast to closed and
withdrawn  attitude of the Swiss or the Germans.

Jill's acerbic remarks on the artistic merits of those --admittedly a tad
hapless--efforts to combine literature and painting struck me as a bit
unfair. In my opinion, some of them aren't that bad after all. M. Colson,
e.g., can draw at last.