A welcome spandangle of critical vituperation!
--JP Earls

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Subject: Re: Schilderatuur/Painterature. Bleccch.

To think this is the same European subculture that once produced Bosch,
Brueghel, Rembrandt and Vermeer. And Mondrian. Painterature?  = Bad art,
facile, smug interpretations. A veritable congress of mediocrity. Just
plain mud-bad. But thanks!

Jill Weber

Rickard A Parker wrote:

> I've come across a Dutch website that is the result of a course on the
> combination of painting and literature.  They decided to use "The
> Waste Land" as the text to depict visually.
> >From the above page most of you will pick the English version of the
> site but long lost TSE participant Arwin can view the original Dutch
> version.
> Each of the English pages have a red link labelled "Click" that will
> bring you through the site in sequence.
> Happy New Year to all,
>     Rick Parker