Gunnar Jauch wrote:

> Dear Rick, 
> here's a funny Tom K offline remark (hope you don't mind my making
> it public, old chap):

No offense taken.  It gives me a chance to set the record straight.

> I appreciate Rick S's kudos.  I wonder, though, if this juxtaposition
> might drag us into an analysis by Rick P's great-grandson, in his
> thesis on "Sexual Orientation of TS Eliot List Members at the Turn of
> the Last Century."  If he's content with evidence such as appears in
> "Painted Shadow," he could create a tale that would shock our wives in
> their dottering, aged-140+ retirements.

Well, this shows why I had to object to Rick Seddon's comment even
though he was joking.  I do not believe that Eliot was homosexual and
I haven't ever brought up any list member's sexual orientation (have
I?).  In fact, I can only remember two people who have.  Neither was
Steve either.  Nor do I see any proof of TSE homosexuality as given
in the "Painted Shadow" excerpts.  If you meant Steve, who actually
sent in that post, I'm sure he doesn't see it as proof either.  The
post fits the way that he sometimes shakes us out of silence.
Unfortunately, I'm a bit pressed for time to discuss his post much

> Remember what Woody Allen said about the merits of being bisexual:
> You double your chances for a date on Saturday night.

I remember the line well and have used it a few times myself.
I forgot that Woody Allen said it though.

    Rick Parker

P.S.  Gunnar, regarding a personal e-mail, it was Gary Cooper, not
Gregory Peck.